Bressenden is on the same road as Benenden Hospital and within walking distance of it. Hospital patients can benefit from special arrangements that are not available via the normal online channels. Normally, if you book online via this website’s booking diary or via, you are required to book a minimum of two nights during the summer months, and the standard room rate includes breakfast. To cater for the needs of hospital patients and visitors, I can offer a one-night stay with a £15 discount on the standard room rate. This rate is for bed without breakfast, because patients who are having surgical procedures are not usually permitted to eat beforehand. For visitors or patients who are not undergoing surgery, the hospital’s restaurant area serves hot meals, snacks and beverages. If, however, you would like breakfast, the normal room rate applies.

Note that the special discounted rates for single-night stays without breakfast is only available for hospital patients and the person who is accompanying them.

Because it is not usually possible to book a single night with the online booking diary, please use the contact form to get in touch with me directly if you are a hospital patient or visitor who would like to stay just one night.