Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice explains how Bressenden B&B uses any personal information it collects about you. It also gives information about the security cameras installed at the property (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

What information is collected?

When you make a booking for you and/or others to stay at Bressenden I record the names of all overnight guests, and the home address, email address and telephone number of the person making the booking. I also collect a debit or credit card number, not to extract money, but as a way of authenticating the booking and to reduce the risk of no-shows from bookers making multiple reservations at different places for the same night.

How is the information used?
  • I use your home address as part of the card payment processing to validate the card.
  • I use your email address to send you confirmation of the booking and a further email with more details on how to find Bressenden and other information you may find useful for your stay. After your stay you will receive an automatic email from my booking system asking you to fill in a feedback form.
  • I may use your telephone number to contact you if, for example, you do not arrive at your intended check-in time.
How is your data stored?

All of the personal and debit/credit card information you supply as part of the booking process is stored securely on the UK-based hospitality bookings service provider, Freetobook. It is not stored locally on my website or any other digital device. Neither I nor Freetobook will share your information with any third party unless there is a legal reason for doing so. If you booked via, you did so at your own risk and agreed to the terms and conditions which pertain to’s own privacy policy.


I do not do any marketing. After you have received the automated request for feedback following your stay, you will not hear from Bressenden again. If you booked via, you may receive marketing messages from, which are of course outside my control.

Guest registration

I am required by law to collect the following information on all my guests:

  • Residents in the UK: Name and nationality
  • Residents outside the UK: Name, nationality, passport number, and address of next destination

I obtain this information by asking you to complete a registration form on arrival. I am required to keep these forms for one year and to show them to a police officer if they request to see them. I will destroy these forms 12 months after your stay.

Access to your information

You have the right to request a copy of the information that is held about you. Please enquire via email or the contact page on the website.


Cookies are not used on my website for marketing or advertising purposes. My advertisement-free website does not use any information about you or your internet usage. However, checks are carried out to safeguard my website and computer devices against viruses, malicious intent and spam attacks.

Security cameras

There are four external cameras mounted on the outside of the B&B. The main camera faces east and looks over the turning circle and car parking area at the entrance to the property. It is active at all times of day and night and alerts me when someone has entered the grounds. Another camera looks out over the garden on the west side of the house and monitors a door into the house from the garden. It is activated at night and when the house is unattended. The other two are integrated with the front and back doorbells and overlook the gardens to the south and north. The doorbell cameras are activated at night. During the day, they operate only when the doorbells are rung or when the house is unattended. None of the external cameras are pointed at windows. Indoor cameras protect the private rooms on the ground floor, to which guests do not have access. The main purpose of all these cameras is to protect the house and grounds, as well as the vehicles and property of all its residents and guests. Their function is to detect and deflect unwanted intruders and to alert me to the arrival of visitors, delivery personnel or guests. It is emphatically not to monitor the behaviour of residents, guests or contracted employees.

The two internal cameras in the entrance hall and breakfast room are activated at night and are very occasionally switched on temporarily at certain times of the day to alert me when guests enter the breakfast room in the morning or are waiting to pay before their departure.

The video data is kept securely online for 30 days, after which it is automatically deleted by the service provider ( and cannot be retrieved. I am the sole account holder and therefore the only person to have access to the data, which is password protected. The data is available to view by me alone as streamed footage and is not downloaded onto any local computer, phone or other device.