Information for Benenden Hospital Patients

Bressenden is on the same road as Benenden Hospital and two minutes away from it by car. Hospital patients or their partners who want to stay for one night or more should contact me directly via the contact  page. The booking form will only work for stays of two nights or more between Friday evening and Wednesday morning.

Special “no breakfast” one-night deal

Benenden patients and carers can benefit from flexible, fully cancellable booking arrangements that are not normally available to guests, including single-night and mid-week stays. Breakfast is not included in this deal (see below). Hospital patients and their partners or carers may cancel at any time without penalty. You may also cancel extra nights that you booked provisionally but do not need. No cancellation fees will be charged for unneeded nights or postponed appointments. However, if you had breakfast on the first morning and then cancel any subsequent nights that you have booked, you will be charged an additional fee to cover our food purchase costs for the number of nights stated in your booking confirmation.


The hospital’s excellent restaurant offers cooked breakfasts, hot meals, snacks and beverages every day except Sunday. For that reason, we do not serve breakfast to guests who have booked to stay for only one night. For single-night guests arriving on Saturday, we can offer a basic, self-service cold breakfast on request for an additional charge of £10. Guests intending to stay for more than one night should note that breakfast is not available at Bressenden on Thursday or Friday morning. There are tea- and coffee-making facilities in the bedroom, and guests may bring snacks to eat in the guest kitchen, which is equipped with a microwave, kettle, toaster, crockery and cutlery etc.

However, if you booked a normal two-night stay with breakfast included, either directly from this site or via, and you decide not to stay for your second night, our normal charges will apply as per the terms of our cancellation policy. For this reason, it is recommended that you use the contact form rather than trying to use the automatic booking widget, otherwise we will assume that your visit is not hospital-related and you will not benefit from free cancellation should the need arise. We frequently get cancellations due to rescheduled appointments.

We regret not being able to offer discounted rates to Benenden patients. This is due to the extra workload/laundry involved for one-stays and the high volume of penalty-free cancellations at short notice, arising from postponed surgical procedures, early patient releases, altered appointment times etc.

If you try to use the booking widget to check availability and your chosen room or night’s accommodation is shown as sold out or unavailable, this does not necessarily mean that I cannot accommodate you. Please enquire via the contact form.


If you do not have your own transport, you will have to hire a taxi to get to the hospital. Please ensure that you book a taxi well in advance of your stay. This is particularly important for early morning hospital appointments. If you try to book a taxi on a Sunday night to get you to hospital for a 7 a.m. appointment on the next day, you will not succeed. We cannot drive you to the hospital as we are neither licensed nor insured to provide taxi services to paying guests. Although the hospital is very close by, the road is not safe to walk along as it lacks pavements, verges, lighting and speed restrictions. (A few taxi services are listed in the Guest information page.)