New Windows Everywhere

Tuesday, June 25th, 2024

The window replacement programme is nearing its final stage. There are just a few left to replace out of the 75. They look wonderfully authentic and far exceed my expectations. The two styles, Georgian panes on the south side and leaded panes to the north, replicate the original versions almost exactly, with a few adjustments made to tidy up the original mix of styles on the north facade and to reduce the number of opening windows and unneeded top vents, especially downstairs. All the windows on the north side are now leaded. The photo shows the two styles.

The last few windows are going in today and tomorrow after a busy day yesterday, with six men on site dealing with windows, two scaffolders moving bits of scaffolding around, and two ladies plastering and filling indoors. I also had guests due to arrive in the (unaffected) East Wing!

I am delighted with my new Arts & Crafts windows and cannot praise the Mettherm Windows team highly enough.