Building Progress

Saturday, August 12th, 2023

As our summer progresses, so too does work on the cottage. Guests in the East Wing will have a nicer view now that the scaffolding has gone. The red paint on the brickwork is temporary. A white render will be applied on top. The porch roof on the left of the picture was found to have rotten beams and woodworm-infested rafters, so that is currently being renewed too, using leftover tiles from the cottage roofing work. At the end of September, the East Wing will be closed for a time while new windows are fitted. They will match those in the cottage and are being made by the same carpenter.

The weather may have been disappointing this summer, but some of the vegetables are doing very well. No need to think about vegetables for dinner as there are courgettes and French beans to be picked every day. But the tomatoes are green.