Bread and Butter

Tuesday, October 12th, 2021

Good bread requires good butter. What better to accompany Bressenden’s homemade sourdough bread than Kent Cowslip butter? This is made by Cheesemakers of Canterbury from cream that comes from local dairy farms, including Hinxden Farm in Benenden, which supplies our milk. The best thing about it, apart from the taste, colour and texture, is its shape. Its sausage-like form just happens to be an exact fit for my little glass butter dishes. All I have to do is to slice a piece off and pop it into the dish without further adjustment. The extra cost of this wonderful butter is more than offset by the time savings. Before I found this butter, I would spend ages waiting for standard cubes of butter to soften to the exact consistency needed for spreading, moulding and easing it into my dishes. It would slip and slide around awkwardly in the process and was a surprisingly difficult and time-consuming undertaking, one of the many annoyingly fiddly chores that have to be done the night before a breakfast service. Now I can load my dishes in seconds at very short notice if required. Cheesemakers of Canterbury, whatever you do, please will you never alter the shape of your butter. It is just perfect!