Mother Goose

Monday, October 22nd, 2018

Yesterday Jemima (on the right), welcomed two new residents. We hope she will enjoy the company of birds of her own species, having been a lone goose among numerous hens for so long. We had to get rid of our Chinese Crested geese many months ago because they were too aggressive. But Jemima has always been a gentle creature with a mild temperament, which we hope is characteristic of her breed. Her new companions are also Sebastopol geese and are seven months old. Names for them will have to wait until it is absolutely certain what gender they are.

Changing the subject to breakfast, here’s an update on the Belgian waffle situation. I reported earlier that I was thinking of including waffles on the breakfast menu. Having redesigned my breakfast order form recently, I thought I’d included waffles as an option on a trial basis to see if there would be any take-up. Ever since then, hardly a day has gone by without someone putting in an order for a waffle. On Sunday morning a Belgian couple, who had asked for croissants on previous days, ticked the waffle box. “But Belgians never eat waffles for breakfast,” I protested. “Ah, but it’s Sunday, so we’re allowed a treat”, they responded. That clinches it. If a Belgian says it’s okay to eat waffles first thing in the morning, that’s good enough for me. Waffles are now officially on the breakfast menu.