Opening Day

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

Bressenden opened its doors yesterday. An abominably wet and windy day ended with a few rays of evening sun just as the first two guests arrived from the Netherlands. Georgie, the ginger cat, seemed excited by the arrival of the guests and gave one of them a big hug!

The house was still full of workmen on the previous day, and I was busy painting the ceiling of the guests’ kitchen. Now everything is in place and this venture feels real for the first time after two years of house refurbishment and preparation.

B&B hosting will seem easy in comparison with what has led up to it. However, I could not function without the marvellous Ikiru checklist app. Things to do the day before guests arrive, things to do on the day, lists of stock and supplies, shopping lists for everyday items, inventories, breakfast checklists, and everything else besides. My card reader with its associated iPad app also processed its first transaction. This convenient facility worked without any trouble. The payment goes straight to my account and a receipt goes through to the guest’s email or phone. I suspect that most guests will choose cashless methods of payment.

Now to prepare for the busy bank holiday weekend coming up!