Paving the Way

Thursday, September 22nd, 2022

During the days that followed the death of Queen Elizabeth II, when the late summer weather acquired a noticeable chill, here at Bressenden we had the main part of our paved terrace repointed and the wobbly steps repaired and cemented into place. The paving slabs were pressure-washed earlier in the summer, which cleaned the pavement thoroughly but also had the effect of dislodging much of the old and loose mortar. Now it looks all of a piece and there is much less risk of slipping and tripping. There should no longer be unsightly weeds growing in the gaps — at least for a year or two. Phase 2 of this large job, the long path past the sun dial down to the pond, will be done later. Part of it will have to be relaid on a rebuilt base, The mill wheel outside the front door looks much better too.