Colour Wheel

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

I was so pleased to find this basic glass turntable (or lazy Susan) for about £15 which neatly solves the problem of how to present breakfast jams in such a way that guests can pick and choose their favourites easily. I love jams not so much for their taste as for their beautiful jewel hues. My jam colour wheel goes from lemon curd yellow to chocolate brown. All that’s missing is green, so I guess I need to get some lime marmalade or greengage jam. The little pots are recycled jars of Tesco’s Hollandaise and Béarnaise sauce. They are a perfect size for two or three people and won’t sit around for weeks before their contents are used up. Their plain black lids, free from sell-by dates or other printed matter, are perfect. I thought about stick-on labels but decided that they wouldn’t be compatible with the dishwasher. Gift tags are the answer here. In due course I shall look for a traditional wooden lazy Susan for other breakfast items, so that guests won’t have to dance around the table to find what they want.