The First Rhododendron

East Sunday, April 1st, 2018

The rhododendron season peaks at the end of May and beginning of June, with blooms of every hue of pink, red and purple, plus a few yellow ones. Topping and tailing the season, appearing many months apart from each other, are two white varieties at opposite corners of the garden. They were probably planted at the same time as all the other rhododendrons in 1930 or thereabouts. Many have now reached the ends of their lives and will need to be replaced very soon. As I looked out of the window this morning, I noticed the early one in bloom, in its usual place. The photo is a bit blurred because it was on full zoom from my bedroom window.

Later in the day I went to inspect the blooms. Because they are so high up, the only way I could see them properly was by getting the camera lens to zoom in on them.