Woodland Raspberries

Saturday, March 30th, 2019

In the woods behind the house, there is a small patch of ground where loganberries grow among the brambles. These must have originally been raspberry plants that crossed with the abundant and well established brambles to form hybrids. They survive from year to year, but only just. And they have never spread further afield. I have not seen wild raspberries in the woods since the 1960s. Out walking with the dogs yesterday, we came across these tall canes growing along the edge of the path in an area where there have never been any loganberries before. Several more seedlings are growing nearby too. They could be loganberries, but they look very similar to the raspberries we have been raising in the garden these past few years. I hope that they do indeed turn out to be raspberries, brought into the woods by birds or other creatures, and that they will form little colonies in what is, after all, a raspberry’s natural habitat.